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Born and raised in Brentwood, on Long Island, NY. When I wasn't in school, I was playing baseball, football, basketball or hockey.
Graduated in 1982, in the top 10% of my class, I choose to attend Bryant College in Smithfield, RI. My major was accounting. I pledged Tau Epsilon fraternity while there and was involved in many intramural sports.

After college I took a seasonal job at a local retailer, Caldor’s. I was kept on full time and in only 3 years was promoted to management. That’s when my life took a big change. My fiancé, Kathy and I were in a horrible car accident where I broke 3 discs in my back.

I lost my job due to my injury, so I started a Gift Catalog mail order business. I learned about advertising in large and small publications as well as how to operate a business. The costs beat me and I could not keep it going, so I looked for another venture. I found a reputable advertising specialty business that was looking for representatives, so I started selling to local businesses.One day, I was making a sale at a Mortgage Co., and the owner asked if I ever thought about a job in the mortgage business? That was in 2004 and the business was booming, so I said YEA! I made some good money and great contacts, but when the bubble burst, in 2007, I was again in a pinch. I was back to cold calling homeowners, and another big change happened. A lady who owned a 3 unit home answered the phone and while we were speaking, a dog barked in the background (I had always been instructed to ask about pets whenever I heard them). She went on to tell me that her tenant had just moved out leaving his dog and that she had three of her own and they were beginning to get rough together. She asked if I was interested in a 2 yr old Red-Haired Husky?  We fell instantly in love with her. Nakita is her name, and we took her home, and boy, how have our lives had changed.

(See About Nakita Page, my co-trainer)

As the weeks passed and the mortgage business was sluggish at best, I was spending more and more time with Nakita at the local parks. I watched her and the other pooches communicate and play together. I decided that I could learn to understand what I needed to train her online and by reading books. While researching training methods online, I came across a training program, Animal Behavior College. The preferred method of training is Positive Reinforcement, reward good and wanted behaviors. The most important quality that a trainer must have is patience. I have that. I have been through a lot over the years and believing in God, has let me peacefully and calmly deal with any situation.

I received expert, hands on training from Heidi Palmer McNeil CTC, CPDT-KA, of Pooch Pawsitive, a highly educated and dedicated trainer in the dog training industry. Now, it is my goal to stop the senseless killing of pooches due to bad behaviors. I will use my professional training to help every owner and their most beloved pooch enjoy life in balance and peace. I am Certified by the Red Cross in Dog Emergency Care.

I am a dog lover first, and a dog trainer second. I know from first-hand experience the difference dog training makes in the relationship between a pooch and their owner. Without professional training it can sometimes be a frustrating, or even aggressive relationship. Now with an investment in Balanced Pooches, a wonderful transformation will occur. I have been working with dogs and their owners for many years and there is nothing which satisfies me more than to see a happy balanced pooch and a proud owner!
Nakita passed away in June and I saw an opportunity to relocate. I now reside in Mesa, AZ where I am continuing my work a a Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainer. I train Puppies as well as older dogs using my expertise and experience. 

My mission is to help you and your dog enjoy many happy, and balanced years together.


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