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My training philosophy is Positive Reinforcement for Good Behaviors. Pooches that obey a hand signal or verbal instruction should be rewarded consistently until they give the wanted behavior freely. My experience training Nakita, and with the pooches I trained during the Animal Behavioral College course, has taught me to train any pooch without the use of extreme or electric shock punishment. I create a balance of exercises designed to both mentally and physically stimulate your pooch's natural breed within. When the needs of your pooch are met, training new behaviors becomes an enjoyable activity.


Your pooch will be a Balanced Pooch by following through on your commitment. I will give you the tools, and show you how to train any pooch of any age. With the pooches that were rescued, I will take the time to learn their issues, and help them to see the world differently.


Nakita, having calm energy, being professionally trained and well behaved, assists on walks as well as greeting people and other pooches. It is just easier for your pooch to copy another pooch’s proper actions and behaviors than you teaching it.


In conclusion, I used to think that by yelling at a dog repeatedly, and by swatting them with a newspaper was training a dog to obey commands and how to correct bad behaviors. What I have learned and want to share with every pooch owner is that every moment is an opportunity to bond. Bonding is how you earn your pooch’s trust. You build respect by setting limits, defining boundaries and by showing leadership skills. Then you will find, as I have, the balance and peace you were searching for with your pooch at your side, happily smiling up at you!!


Balance and Peace.

Once you experience professional dog training, you will wonder why you waited until now. I look forward to working with you and your pooch.

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