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John Penziner,
Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer
I LOVE the feeling that I get when I relieve owners of the stress and their frustrations caused by their pooch's behaviors, quickly and easily. This is my Skill. I want to hear every client say that "John taught them the skills to get good behaviors and helped them biuld a beautiful relationship. 
I have a Balanced Pooch!"
I am proud to offer Balanced Pooches for Life* Programs for Any Age/ Breed Pooch using my ABC Certification Skills and Dog Park Experience. 
Contact me directly at:
(401) 300-6298, or at

*** Easy Sign Up Online too!
(Just fill out the Contact Info Page)

Serving Scottsdale, Mesa, Phoenix, Gilbert, Tempe
and surrounding areas
**Check out my Award and my Reviews on, Google and Yelp**

Balanced Puppy Basics Program
(8-9 week old Pups Only)
- Essential for ALL new puppy owners. In this two session Home Instructional  Program, I will teach you about Positive Reinforcement, giving rewards, getting the behaviors you want, and setting boundaries. I will help with teething, high energy and housetraining. Your pooch will learn quickly how to follow you and your instructions.
WHY is this important? Here, the balance is in your favor! Your little pooch is easily influenced now. Once you have established the leadership role, your puppy's desire to please you will increase. I will show you how to be the Alpha. Developing trust is the the most important first step to a balanced pooch, and there is where training all begins! I'm available weeknights and weekends for your convenience.
2 Sessions $150
(1 indoors and 1 outdoors, approx. 1 1/2 hr. each)
Go now to my Contact Info Page to Register

Balanced Pooches for Life-Basic Obedience Program
 This program is for any breed of any age, will give you all the tools that you need to get good behaviors anywhere you go! Building a strong TRUST relationship is what you have to have in order for your pooch to listen to you. I have successfully trained over 1000 pooches of all ages and breeds. In 3 home sessions, that are spread out over 3 weeks, so you can work on the commands, I will teach you the fundamentals:
- The Food Lure (the first step to establish Trust)
- Focus/ Focus with Distractions (so your pooch pays attention to your commands)
- Three forms of Come (recall is the most important command)
- Stay
- Door Greetings
- No Jumping, Nipping, Barking
- Leave It
- Positive Walks (stop the pulling, behave when seeing other dogs)
***My girl Nakita helps out in the training with this exercise***
- Patience and Self Control
I will teach you how to set Boundaries, how to resolve Housetraining problems, and how to open a line of communication with your pooch. Bad behaviors? I teach you how to make corrections, the Positive way.
I use the Clicker/ Reward Method with Positive Reinforcement, the modern way to train any pooch.
I'm available for private sessions evenings and weekends. Call me directly to discuss your goals. Making your pooch happy is my goal!

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