Opal is doing very well with all the basic commands, come, sit, down, stay. She still barks at all the customers at the stand, in fact she is on duty right now. However she does come when I call her. I then treat her and put her in a room where the barking can't be heard as much. I have decided that it is actually a good thing for her to let me know when someone is there. That way I check to see if anything needs to be replaced.
Not so great when people come to the door, however a little better. We did have an incident with our electrician, not a good scene.
I put her seat belt on her in the car, which solves the jumping out problem. I worked with her in the garage with stay and the car door open. She has that mastered, but I am not so sure she would be so well behaved in a parking lot.
I need to work with her a lot more with walking on the lease. I will have time to do that after we close the stand in a couple of weeks.
Thanks for getting in touch.

Date: September 25, 2012

We’ve had Diego for a few years now. We rescued him and although it took a little while, he eventually got most of the basic commands down (sit, stay, come, etc) and we were pretty happy with that. However, he certainly has a lot of energy and although we loved his spirit, sometimes it was problematic – we’d try to take him for walks but he’d pull so hard that it made it impossible, he’d also jump all over our guests when they’d enter our home, and treated our nice furniture as his own personal selection of doggie beds. The real kicker came when he jumped out our dining room window – right through the screen! When he did it a second time through our kitchen window, we knew we needed help – and FAST.

That’s where John came in. He was great to fit us into his schedule on such short notice but he recognized how nervous we were about Diego’s dangerous behavior. He worked with us on how to be more confident leaders and taught us several techniques on how to better communicate with Diego. The change in Diego is remarkable. Our friends and family are stunned by how much calmer and happier he is and are thrilled that we have gained control of our lives back. We are practicing every day and couldn’t be happier with the results.

We are so appreciative that John has restored the balance and the peace in our home.

Thank you John!


Michelle, Scott & Diego